I understand that there is a legitimate purpose to restricting the rate at which comments can be added to a post.

Still users should be encouraged to remove comments when they are no longer needed or relevant, and the site should make that as easy and simple as possible.

To that end, I suggest that removing one's own comment not be subject to the timer restriction. It is annoying when trying to be good and clean up comments that are no longer relevant to be told that you have to wait 5 seconds to clean up the second one, and it adds no value to the site.

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Rate-limiting is necessary to prevent various forms of abuse. 5 seconds between deletions is not a particularly onerous restriction; if you're encountering this often, you might want to examine the number of off-topic comments you're posting.

For lengthy, obsolete discussions, you can flag the post and request that the entire conversation be purged - moderators can accomplish this fairly easily without having to remove each comment individually.

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