A recent question suggested the tag 'alone-cooking', which I've personally never seen used for the concept.

I have quite a few cookbooks on that general subject, and the terms I generally see are 'solo cooking' or 'cooking for one', but I don't know that either one's obvious enough that people are going to find it right off without a few synonyms. In the case of baking or preserving, I've seen the term 'small batch' used, but I don't know that it necessarily fits for all types of cooking.

(and before we trigger a discussion on how appropriate it is to tag by quantity, I'll point out that cooking for one or two has considerations because of the lack of economy of scale; on the opposite side of the scale, we do have a tag.)

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I've been cooking for one (or two) for basically my entire life and I still cannot conceive of this as being an area of specialization. The vast majority of recipes online and in cookbooks make 2-4 servings (maybe 6 if you eat like a bird) and what you don't eat, well, throw it in the fridge or freezer to use as leftovers.

I could, potentially, see a use for a tag relating to fast cooking, as many people (including professional chefs) often have very little time to cook.

As luck would have it, we already have such a tag:

Don't think I really see the value in a "cooking for solo/small groups" tag though. Sounds vaguely analogous to "white history month", i.e. redundant.

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