A lot of new users are confused about the tag 'ingredient-selection'. It would seem to apply to things like "Why were apples used in this recipe" or "Should I substitute peaches or pears in this recipe?", but it does not. Instead it to things like "How can I tell an apple is ripe?" Both types of questions have to do with selecting ingredients; is there something we can rename the tag to to make it more clear?

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The tag wiki would seem to make it clear, and we went out of our way to create that new tag in order to quarantine the original (horrible and now-abolished) "ingredients" tag.

I am personally on record several times as saying that if users are consistently using the wrong tag, then it is probably a problem with the tag, not the users. So I'm usually on the lookout for this type of tag problem, and well-aware of the frustrating misuse of this particular tag. But I'm just not sure how much clearer we can make it without resorting to even worse tags like [shopping].

To select means to "carefully choose as being the best or most suitable". That doesn't connote (to me) questions about substitutions, or recipe modification, or about ingredients in general.

I think the existing tag is the best option among many lukewarm alternatives, but of course, I'm open to suggestions as well.


I thought of another possibility: .

We already have which covers the non-"quality" side of selection.

Would this be less easily abused, or possibly worse?

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