We actually had a previous meta question about this subject a very long time ago, in which the only response was that we shouldn't have separate tags to begin with.

Now we do have separate tags, and they've been confounded by last week's bread question contest in which almost every question was about bread-making but most were just tagged .

In my opinion, if there ever was any meaningful distinction between these tags, it has been completely and utterly lost to the ages.

Can we merge these and make them synonyms? Or are there really a statistically significant number of culinary questions about bread that aren't actually about making/baking bread?

It's not like we get a lot of questions about bread pudding or sandwich-making... right?


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Yes, absolutely. I don't think anybody looking to make bread is going to search the bread-making tag anyway.


The tag synonym was proposed and accepted and the tags have now been merged.

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