This was always a minor annoyance, but now that we have people suggesting multiple edits every day, it's become a full-blown nuisance:

Suggested edits

(Note that even though it's next the word "mod", it does not refer to moderator flags; this is the icon for suggested edits).

All I see inside the red circle is a faint greenish blob. Green text on red background is simply not readable; I don't even want to think about what colour-blindness would do to this.

Please fix this by changing at least one of the colours, preferably the background colour.

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This should be addressed now by the Bigger, Blacker Bar.

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    I have a vague memory of major freak-outs concerning that bar. :) We're like cats, we don't like new stuff! Then the whole thing is gradually forgotten. Yawn - Feed me.
    – Jolenealaska Mod
    Oct 13, 2014 at 19:52

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