For new users, it would be easier if they can just type "japanese" to stand for "japanese-cuisine". New users can't create new tags, and rather than having them not tag the type of cuisine, a bit of automation can help. (For seasoned users, those two tags would be synonyms anyway.)

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  • We certainly can create tag synonyms, but generally only do this when there's evidence of an ongoing problem (e.g. two tags which are nearly identical and are both frequently-used). – Aaronut Aug 3 '11 at 11:48

Since the tag autocompleter begins matching at japa I don't think this is really necessary, is it?

tag completion at 'japa'

What I mean is, nobody actually needs to type "japanese-cuisine", they can just type "japa" and use their mouse to select or press tab or enter to select.

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