I've seen a couple questions lately that deal with nomenclature (how we name something) for foods and techniques: For example:

There doesn't appear to be a tag that really fits these classes of questions, which deal with "what is this called?" The "language" tag seems overly broad for this, but "nomenclature" is likely to be a very unfriendly & unfamiliar word for some of the audience. I've tentatively used "food-names" for the first question, but I'm throwing the floor open.

What are are good tags for these kinds of questions?

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This is precisely what the tag is for. With 28 questions, it's definitely not overly broad, at least not at this point.

Examples of questions already in this tag:

  • What is macaroni cooked in milk called?
  • Cookies called monte cows?
  • What are “hog lumps”?
  • Is there a difference between Stew and Casserole?

I don't see what a "language" tag could be about, other than vocabulary. If you have or see a question about naming or translation, please, use the tag.

I agree that a name such as [vocabulary] or [nomenclature] would be more "correct", but I don't think that [language] is ambiguous or misleading, and it is far more discoverable. We can add synonyms for the other tags if necessary, they all seem to mean the same thing.

  • Okay, I'll roll with that.
    – BobMcGee
    Jul 1, 2011 at 18:39

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