There are two questions on this site tagged with , and 10 questions tagged . These tags should probably be merged.

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is a subset of . The latter may be about other question activities - answering, closing, editing, deleting, voting, etc. - or about questions in general.

For example, the tag combination + represents an entirely different subject area from +.

In addition, there may be posts that are about . If these were to be tagged instead, then it would have a different connotation. The latter really implies more of a support request.

Admittedly there's a bit of a gray area (and of course there's nothing wrong with having both tags on the same question) but there are clearly cases when a meta question should have one tag and not the other.

At the end of the day I'm inclined to follow MSO's example; they haven't merged those tags despite quite a bit of overlap and high volume.

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